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Wednesday June 6, 2007

        I awoke at 3 AM and fell back to sleep not waking again until 8 when I started playing Solitaire on the Palm.  At 10 I fell back to sleep and woke again at 1 PM and was finally able to get up.  Jetlag was setting in big time.  Today was the day to go pick up our new BMW, so we got ourselves dressed and to the lobby.  On the elevator I remembered that the letter "E" on elevator buttons means the ground floor and stands for "Erdgescho�."

        At 1:45 we were in the cab to the suburb where the BMW European Delivery dealership Kundenzentrum (below left.)  We arrived at 2:10 and the ride cost �25.  We signed in and then went to the cafeteria area where they gave us some free grub while waiting for the paperwork to get completed.  The car was purchased at South Bay BMW in LA and paid for there in US$.  Now, all we have to do is sign the papers and pick it up.  This time Marcia chose a white color and a smaller model (528i) than last year but it has more power than the last one which we were happy to trade in.


        We found out the GPS screen on German BMWs actually plays live TV - not in ours, however.  We used the GPS to get us back to the Sofitel and I changed to go run.  At 5:15 I was running down to my old favorite coffee shop/bar called CADU (Cafe am der Uni) and sat at the bar and enjoyed a cappuccino for �3.20.


        Nearby is the huge University building (above right) and the large statue of Ludwig I (below.)


        As I walked back at 7 PM I found a T-Mobile store and purchased two phone cards for �99.90.


        I came across the Hofer beheizter Garten whose menu looked pretty good.  Should come and have dinner here sometime.


        Some examples of interesting architecture from around the city.


        For dinner we decided to go back to the place Dr. Tom Neuhann took us to years earlier called Locando Piccolo.  We arrived at 9:45 but the name has changed to Bibulus [Siegfriedstra�e 11, +49-(0)89-346-653, Open 5:30-10:30.]  It was still Italian cuisine and it was a lovely evening.  We had a table outside since no one was eating inside.


        It was a really balmy night and very enjoyable to sit out and relax after all the traveling, getting the car and trying to settle into the EU time zone.

        The photos aren't that great since Marcia hadn't yet reminded me to adjust for "close-up" when using the flash, so they got bleached out a little.  I later found it made a big difference.  The close-up setting cuts down on the intensity of the flash.  For starters Marcia had a salad and then a fish dish for an entree.


        To start I had their version of vitello tonnato (thin sliced cold veal with a tuna sauce) and for secondi I had a good Penne con Vodka sauce.


        We drove back to the hotel and went to bed earlier than usual by 11.  This turned out to be a very romantic evening.

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M�nchen, Germany

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