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UK & IRELAND 1999 



3 Month trip through the United Kingdom and Ireland

including Germany and Austria to visit WWII Concentration Camps

         UNITED KINGDOM                 ENGLAND                       WALES                        SCOTLAND          REPUBLIC of IRELAND

Use the Buttons to Select a Specific DiarioWelcome!  This is a series of Diarios (diaries) of the 3 month trip

Marcia & I Took through the UK & Ireland in the Summer of 1999.

Click on the links below for each trip description with photos

The first day is the upper left button

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When you see a Blue Underline on a Name, City, Hotel , Site or Restaurant name
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Arrived Jet Lag The Chunnel Paris Munich The Car Nuremberg Innsbruck Venezia Gondola  


Mediterraneo Sirmione Bergamo PRL Course Lago di Como Lucerne Luxembourg Hovercraft London Pubs & Tubes


Lord Byron Boston York Hadrian Wall Abbeys Edinburgh Golf & Whisky Tongue Loch Ness Eclipse  


Wales Dublin Cardiff Nottingham Cambridge Oxford Stratford Canterbury Bad Hersfeld Gunskirken  
40s Brussels Greenwich Voyage Home Postscript  

Longer Description of Diarios (scroll down), the most recent is at the top.  -  KJH



The first day is at the bottom (scroll down), the most recent is at the top.  -  KJH

     DIARIO #          COUNTRY                      DIARIO TITLE

 UK1999-44        USA                 UK Trip Postscript

 UK1999-43        England            The Final Concorde Voyage Home

 UK1999-42        England            Greenwich England to Greenwich Village

 UK1999-41        Belgium             Wien to Augsburg to Brussels

 UK1999-40        Austria             Gunskirkin, Dr. Wasgatt's WWII Trip

 UK1999-39        Germany           White Cliffs of Dover to K�ln to Bad Hersfeld

 UK1999-38        England             Bournemouth to Sir Ridley to Canterbury

 UK1999-37        England             Shakespeare to King Arthur and Poole

 UK1999-36        England             Oxford University

 UK1999-35        England             Cambridge University

 UK1999-34        England             Full Circle back to Nottingham

 UK1999-33        Wales               Ferry to Cardiff, Wales

 UK1999-32        Ireland             Kiss The Blarney Stone & Waterford

 UK1999-31        Wales                Beatles to Boxtys to Ireland

 UK1999-30        England             Liverpool & Blackpool Plus an Eclipse

 UK1999-29        Scotland            Loch Ness Monster to Glasgow

 UK1999-28        Scotland           Tongue to John O' Groats to Isle of Skye

 UK1999-27        Scotland           Scottish Golf & Whisky Trail & Dornoch Castle

 UK1999-26        Scotland           Edinburgh Castle

 UK1999-25        Scotland           Scottish Border Abbeys

 UK1999-24        England            Newcastle Coals to Hadrian

 UK1999-23        England            York Minster

 UK1999-22        England            The Pilgrims from Boston

 UK1999-21        England            Thurgaton & Lord Byron

 UK1999-20        England            London Pubs, Tubes & Hospital

 UK1999-19        England             Bloomsbury, London

 UK1999-18        England             Hovercraft from Calais

 UK1999-17        Luxembourg      Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

 UK1999-16        Switzerland      Cernobbio to Lucerne

 UK1999-15        Italy                 Moltrasio, Lago di Como

 UK1999-14        Italy                 PRL Surgery Course

 UK1999-13        Italy                 Milano to Bergamo

 UK1999-12        Italy                 Sirmione on Lago di Garda

 UK1999-11        Italy                  Forte dei Marmi & Marina di Pietrisanta

 UK1999-10        Italy                 St. Mark's Square & Gondola Ride

 UK1999-09        Italy                 Brenner Pass to Venezia

 UK1999-08        Austria             Innsbruck: Goldenes Dachle

 UK1999-07        Germany           Nuremberg Eye Lectures

 UK1999-06        Germany           The Car & Sauerbraten

 UK1999-05        Germany           Train to Munich

 UK1999-04        France              Paris: Champs-Elys�es

 UK1999-03        France              Chunnel to Eiffel

 UK1999-02        England             Big Ben & Jet Lag

 UK1999-01         England            Arrived on Concorde SST

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