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Date: 8/4/99

        After seeing all the southern border Abbeys, we headed straight North to Edinburgh, the capitol of Scotland. By checking the books and calling ahead, we had a choice between the Waverly on Princes St or the Apex on Grassmarket, both in the center of town. The GPS took us to the front door of each and after looking at the rooms, we decided on the later. Good choice because they had free garage and the other was �15/day ($25.56). I then do my run through the streets and wind up running up to the Royal Mile to the Castle. It was so cool, I never raised a sweat. We went for Italian food at Gennaro's and it was very good.
        Next morning we toured Edinburgh Castle (completely) - you have to read the history! Then to St. Giles Cathedral which houses the Royal Order of the Thistle (Royalty). It also had a restaurant inside. Perhaps the Catholic Church should consider the idea of restaurants inside the cathedrals - St. Peter's for lasagna?
        It was overcast all day so I ran to Holyrood Castle which was downhill and then had the best cappuccino I've had in the UK at "Made in Italy". I took Marcia for dinner @ The Witchery, very fancy place.
        Next day I called Kodak and they told me how to fix the digital camera, While on AOL, my cousin Carol told me my Uncle Rudy (my father's cousin) had died.
The next day Marcia wanted a day to herself and she visited the Churchill Exhibit at the Scottish National Library. I took a cab to Queen Elizabeth's Holyrood Palace and saw it's Abbey ruins. Then I hopped on a tour bus of Edinburgh and saw the whole city. Got off in front of the hotel, changed and ran the same route, finding Rose St which was very like 3rd St Promenade in SM. I ended up at the Royal & Scottish Museum which and spent time learning about the 1st Scottish king, Kenneth I.
        Marcia & I met up later & had dinner @ the Beehive where we tried HAGGIS for the 1st time & we both liked it. Then we went for drinks @ the White Hart & met Peter who is high up in the military & was invited for the ceremonies tomorrow for the Queen Mother's birthday. He's from Portsmouth & told us to call him when we get there.
        Of the three days in Edinburgh, we had about 12 hours of sun. There may be some good things about Edinburgh, but I didn't find one (though Marcia liked it).  I'm glad to leave (wish I was in Forte di Marmi).
        Finally, we get out of here - can't wait.  If this is what summer is like, I can't imagine winter's charms.  I will never come back here again.
Att: Edinburgh Castle on the hill.
Below: St. Giles Cathedral

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Sent 8-4-99

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