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    IBERIA 2001



3 Month trip through the Iberian Peninsula

including Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibralta


  EU                          Spain                      Portugal               Andorra                  Gibralta     

Use the Buttons to Select a Specific DiarioWelcome!  This is a series of Diarios (diaries) of the three month trip

Marcia & I took through Spain and Portugal in the summer of 2001.

The trip starts in the upper left button and works across to the right.

When you see a Blue Underline on a Name, City, Hotel, Site or Restaurant name
it means you can click on it and LINK or go to their website and check it out.  -  KJH

Click on the links below for each trip description with photos

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Arrivato Sardinia Munich Innsbruck Sirmione Arese Finale Liguria Nice Montpellier Costa Brava  


Cadaqu�s Barcelona Gaud� Las Ramblas Park G�ell Casa Batll� ANDORRA Pamplona Donostia Mt Igueldo  


Santander Oviedo Santiago Baiona PORTUGAL Mesao Frio Porto Fatima Sintra Lisboa  


Batalha Alentejo C�rdoba Sevilla Gibraltar Marbella Granada Alicante Castellon Barcelona  
40s Ibiza Mallorca Valencia Madrid Segovia Toledo Merida Salamanca Le�n Valladolid  
50s Zaragoza Sitges Monte Carlo Genoa Venezia Good-bye CONCLUSION  



Provincial Flags



The first day is at the bottom (scroll down), the most recent is at the top.  -  KJH

OR Scroll Down  Click on the Latest Diario at the Top   The Trip Starts at the Bottom�

          DIARIO #              COUNTRY                 DIARIO TITLE

 IBERIA2001-57         USA             CONCLUSION

 IBERIA2001-56        Italy             Good-bye to Europe

 IBERIA2001-55        Italy             Venezia in October

 IBERIA2001-54        Italy             Genoa to Milano

 IBERIA2001-53        Monaco         Monte Carlo

 IBERIA2001-52        Spain            Sitges to Barcelona: Good-Bye Espa�a

 IBERIA2001-51        Spain             Zaragoza

 IBERIA2001-50        Spain            Valladolid to Burgos to Logro�o

 IBERIA2001-49        Spain            Le�n: Capitol of Castilla

 IBERIA2001-48        Spain            Salamanca: University Town

 IBERIA2001-47        Spain            Merida, a Piece of Roma

 IBERIA2001-46        Spain            Toledo Not Ohio

 IBERIA2001-45        Spain            Madrid to Segovia

 IBERIA2001-44        Spain            Madrid: The Capitol, Center of Espa�a

 IBERIA2001-43        Spain            Vandals in Valencia

 IBERIA2001-42        Spain            Palma de Mallorca

 IBERIA2001-41        Spain            Barcelona to Orba to Ibiza

 IBERIA2001-40        Spain           Circumnavigated IBERIA

 IBERIA2001-39        Spain           Orba to Castellon

 IBERIA2001-38        Spain           Moj�car to Alicante

 IBERIA2001-37        Spain           Granada: The Alhambra

 IBERIA2001-36        Spain           MarBAYA Not MarBELLA

 IBERIA2001-35        Spain           Cadiz to Gibraltar

 IBERIA2001-34        Spain           The Barber of Sevilla

 IBERIA2001-33        Spain           Back in Spain; C�rdoba, Andaluc�a

 IBERIA2001-32        Portugal       Evora to Beja to Faro

 IBERIA2001-31        Portugal        Lisboa to Batalha to Lisboa

 IBERIA2001-30        Portugal       Lisboa Capitol of Portugal

 IBERIA2001-29        Portugal       Sintra to the Capitol

 IBERIA2001-28        Portugal       The Road To Fatima

 IBERIA2001-27        Portugal       Porto Poor Oporto

 IBERIA2001-26        Portugal       Upper Douro Valley to Porto

 IBERIA2001-25        Portugal       Finally Portugal: Mesao Frio

 IBERIA2001-24        Spain            Vigo-Pontevedra-Baiona

 IBERIA2001-23        Spain            Pilgrimage to St. James - Santiago de Compostela

 IBERIA2001-22        Spain            Oviedo (Asturias) to La Coruna (Galicia)

 IBERIA2001-21        Spain            Bilbao, Santander, Cantabria: Finally Spain

 IBERIA2001-20        Spain            Fireworks & Mount Igueldo

 IBERIA2001-19        Spain            Iru�a to San Sebasti�n (Donostia)

 IBERIA2001-18        Spain            Mountains to Pamplona or Irua

 IBERIA2001-17        Andorra       Montserrat and Andorra de Valls

 IBERIA2001-16        Spain            Casa Batll�

 IBERIA2001-15        Spain            Barri Gottic and Park G�ell

 IBERIA2001-14        Spain            Sagrada Familia to Catedral di Barcelona

 IBERIA2001-13        Spain            Sagrada Familia to Catedral di Barcelona

 IBERIA2001-12        Spain            Catalunya:Barcelona, I Love Gaud�

 IBERIA2001-11        Spain            Figueres to Cadaqu�s

 IBERIA2001-10        Spain            Finally Espa�a to Aiguiblava

 IBERIA2001-09        France         Montpelier, This is not Vermont

 IBERIA2001-08        France         Nice in Nice

 IBERIA2001-07        Italy            Finale Ligure

 IBERIA2001-06        Italy            Arese

 IBERIA2001-05        Italy            Sirmione

 IBERIA2001-04        Austria        Innsbruck

 IBERIA2001-03        Germany      Hemingway Night in Munich

 IBERIA2001-02        Italy            Is This Sardinia?

 IBERIA2001-01        Italy            Arrivato Milano

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