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            We climbed on board and sailed further east into the Mediterranean arriving at Palma de Mallorca (mah-york-ah) at 9:30.  We caught a taxi to the Meli� Palas Atenea and as we're pulling up I don't see any beach at all and when we get inside I find this is a typical city business hotel near the port.  I was really steamed this time and blew my top at the man at the desk as to why was I told there was a beach here.  He tells me there is no beach here, which was obvious.  After a little debate he cools me off by booking us in the Meli� de Mar in the little town farther up called Illetas (ee-yee-tas = little islands).  Another $10 cab ride gets us there and I asked the guy there if we could get a break on the room rate because of all the hassle.  He dropped the rate from $200/n to $150 which wasn't bad at all and only $10 higher than the other cheaper place.  Wow, what a place this was, a real resort with all the amenities.  Because it was late, we decided to eat at their restaurant called Jardin and it was really very good and a delightful romantic evening sitting outside with a full moon and the beautiful views.  We got to bed at 2 AM.

For some strange reason I woke up at 7:45 and decided to go downstairs for the free breakfast.  With two plates piled high, I can't remember eating this much in the morning.  I then sat and read the Tribune in the garden.  Finally changed clothes and went for a swim in sea in their protected little lagoon.  Then I went in their pool and then the Jacuzzi.  They had an internet connection their so I did some email and sent out some zip files.  Mayti, the gal that handles the computer was very nice and was very helpful to me.  At 7 PM I started running and headed for the downtown area of Illetas and got through the town and back.  It is really a neat place.  I bought some pins and a Tribune, topped up my Movistar phone and on the way back I notice a hairstyle place for women and a lone guy sitting there doing the books. The sign said "Abierto" so I went in and asked him if he could just give me a quick trim.  He tells me he's closed and then starts looking at my hair and says I need a complete cut and proceeds to give me a haircut.  His name is Jose Marie and is originally from Galicia but lived there 23 years.  He took forever getting it done (like Ted) and it only cost me $13.  When I got back to the hotel we have a cava in the lobby and I try to go on AOL and find my password is no good.  After calling Anna at home to call AOL she tells me that I have to call AOL personally to get back on.  We walk to the town and go for dinner at an "Italian" place called Buona Sera and while enjoying a "pizza" and spaghetti bolognese I call AOL and sit on hold.  They finally connect and tell me that I was shut off because I was acting like a spammer sending so many emails to so many people in short period of time.  What a deal.  They give me new password and all these calls emptied my phone and cost $30.  We then walked further to an English Pub called The Office and had Guinness and Rioja, took a cab back to the hotel and got to bed at 3 AM.

Woke up at 10 AM and skipped that free breakfast this time (even though I lost a pound).  We had arranged for a rental car from Avis, so we headed out toward Palma and then drove north across the island of Mallorca to an interesting area in the upper left hand corner called Pollenca (poy-en-sa).  It only took an hour.  What a beautiful place with the beach coming right up to the rode and stretches of beautiful beaches.  Here is the place to do a run.  I started from the little town and went all the way up the beach and back finally ending at a little cafe right on the beach.  I decided to jump in the sea for a swim and it was fantastic even with the cloud overlay we had.  After air drying and carrying my shoes I stopped for a cappuccino at the cafe and it was all just one of those perfect times that is the reason you take these trips.  I walked back to the town, met Marcia, topped up my phone again at a Movistar store, changed and we headed off to Manacor, a town to the southeast which is inland.  I was supposed to meet Dr. Luis Salva there to give him a Hoffer Programs CD.  He lives in Palma but was doing LASIK in Manacor today.  Marcia kept seeing big signs for Majorica Jewelry in Manacor and she was very intent on stopping there, which of course we did after driving through beautiful beach communities on the north coast like Alcudia and then interesting inland countryside.  This island is a place I could live, it really has everything.  We get to Majorica and Dr. Salva calls to tell me he is sending his wife over to get us at the store.  When she finally arrives after getting lost (she's not familiar with the town either) she recommends that it would be best to head back to Palma before it gets dark and see it and then we can all meet for dinner later.  Her name is Elena and she is very nice.  I gave her the CD and we were on our way; my wallet a little lighter from Majorica.  Marcia finished the 30 min drive back to Palma in one hour, the traffic was terrible.  We drove to the center of town and parked in the underground under the Plaza Mayor.  We took a look at their huge Gothic Catedral and then found the Plaza for a glass of rioja while waiting for Dr. Salva's call.  He told us where the hotel was and that we should meet in 30 minutes but after using the GPS it got us so lost I had to call him to come and get us.  After all this he took us to a fantastic restaurant near the water and treated us to a wonderful dinner.  I ate the best fried calamari rings I've had so far.  I did bring my computer and showed Dr. Salva my pigment vacuum iridectomy technique and talked about PRL power.  We drove back to the hotel and turned the car in.  I went for a cortado at the Adan y Eva cafe across the street and got to bed at 3 AM.

We had to wake up at 6 AM, get all packed and take a taxi to the ferry because it is scheduled to leave at 8 AM.  Boy was I tired with only 3 hours sleep and a little grumpy as well.  It was dark when we got there but they let us get on the boat and from there we could watch the sun rise over the bay showing the European Union fleet in port.  Once we took off all I was interested in was getting horizontal and that was not easy to do.  I finally laid down on the floor between the seats and fell asleep (I think).  After 2 hours we arrive in Ibiza, wait about an hour and take off again for Denia.  I found a couch to lie on but the attendant kept waking me to make me take my feet off the couch.  After 2:15 we arrive in Denia and using digital cell phone messages, Brian knew where we were.  He sure was a welcome sight as we disembarked from the Lorca to be back on land again.


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Palma de Mallorca, Espa�a

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