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        Overall my feelings about the people, cultures and cities of Iberia have been expressed throughout these reportings but it is different to look back at it all now that I have had time to let it all gel a little.  People always ask, "What was your favorite place?"  As with Italy and the UK, it is very hard to come up with one place that you felt was the best.  For Italy I said it was Roma, for the UK it was London and the Lake Region and for Iberia I would have to say Barcelona and Madrid but difficult to leave out Oviedo, San Sebastian, Sevilla, Gibraltar and Marbella and Baiona.  The overall courtesy and friendliness of the Spanish people is evident wherever you go and the cleanliness they seem to demand in their streets and toilet facilities is extremely impressive and appreciated.  The people here live a wonderful, safe and bountiful existence without areas of depressing poverty. The southern areas are just as fabulous as those in the North.  I have often said since I have returned that if I could speak Spanish (and find some good Italian restaurants) I could live in Spain without a problem.  Most Americans know little about Spain or its history including myself.  That is no longer true for Marcia and I and I would recommend anyone to visit this wonderful place.  It's not just the incredible beaches and resorts that is the attraction, it's everything else.  I still love Italy but I have to say that Spain sure is a very close second and there is no question that we will return there again, God willing.

How can we ever thank Dimitrii & Tania for their hospitality while in Italy and Jairo & Maite and their family for allowing us a wonderful and unforgettable stay in Barcelona.  And without the warm companionship and advice from Irene and Manuel, Marcia and I could never have seen the places we saw and had the wonderful trip we had.  To them all we are forever indebted.  We are very lucky people to have been treated so nicely.  If you ever plan to go to Iberia, write me for how to contact Manuel.

I'm sure you will all miss these missives as much as I will miss writing them.  It is very nice to be home with my family and friends and return to the nicest little place in the world to live.  I am sure I will again become complacent, but now I am driving slowly and looking at all the trees and buildings of Santa Monica as if I were a tourist.

I hope you have enjoyed the trip and my ramblings.  Until the next time, Adios!


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Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD

Santa Monica, CA, USA

SENT: 11-23-01

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