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Date: 6/8/99

        Dr. Sawelson's recommendation of doing a run down Rue G. Mandel was a good one. From the Trocadero it was only 3 blocks before I passed over a major freeway and was back into that large park. It was a beautiful area to run in especially around this little lake with ducks and swans. On the way back I notice this huge statue honoring a Frenchman who helped save the King of Serbia from some kind of war. By the horse and the uniform it had to be over a 100 years ago. Those Serbs have always been a problem.

The French are funny, when you order a cappuccino, they never give you a napkin but do give you 4 and half pounds of sugar to put in it. Glad I brought plenty of Equal.

Raced around getting packed and finally check out and get into the cab with no time to spare - dashing through Paris traffic by cab to arrive at Gare du l'Est. Porter whips on the train with only 3 minutes before the train takes off. As I have told many people before this is not Amtrak. No one to help you with your bags, no one to greet you and show you your 1st class accommodations. There is no dining car (there was in '97), only chicken and bacon sandwiches and room temp cokes. Each 1st class cubicle seats six. Every other cubical than ours had 1-3 people in it except ours - we had all six. The others spoke incessantly in French from Paris to Strasbourg and the sweet little lady read out loud while reading her book. We go through Nancy, Strasbourg, cross the Rhine River into Germany and through Baden-Baden, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Ulm and finally into Munich at 10:15. The German trains don't serve food but they arrive on time.
While checking in at the Park Hilton, the concierge reminds us there is heavy construction and intolerable noise from 9-6 each day. I say, "Duh, no we were never told that, and we are here on our honeymoon?" I guess I will discover the decibel level in the AM - they did provide ear plugs at the bedside. Should be an interesting stay.

All restaurants are closed so we eat in the Istar in the hotel (Istar is Munich's river) and have the buffet. Can't wait to get the car in the morning.

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Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD


Munich, Germany

Sent 5-XX-2013

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