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Date: 6/9/99

        We woke to the crunching sounds of construction which of course was right next to our room. Actually I slept thru most of it but it is a great reason to demand a reduction in the room rate. The Countess (guest relations) said she would definitely do something for us.
AOL not so easy at this hotel. After trying every adapter and it not working I finally learned I had to plug the line into phone, pick up receiver, dial "0" then engage AOL to dial out.
All taxis in Munch are Mercedes-Benzs (inferior to BMW, I guess).
Heavy rain this morning. Cab to BMW place to get Marcia's car. Gunter (a doppelganger for Robert Redford) leads Marcia to her new 740i. It really is nice. We get the papers and ready to go but have to go to German Auto Club to buy Austria's road fee tag. I load the CDs we brought into the changer in the trunk and we listen to Bocelli sing "Con te Partiro" driving down Koenigstrasse back to hotel.
Finally the sun shines. I planned the same boring run I did 2 yrs ago but changed my mind and decided to run through Am Tucher park. Well, this was the best run so far. I ran through this beautiful park, then into a university area of town by a statue of Koenig (King) Ludwig I von (of) Bayern (Bavaria) on to the main area of town called MarienPlatz (dedicated to Mary). It was live with people and shops and very clean, unbelievably clean. Got back to the room and brought Marcia with me to walk the same path and we wound up at a Wine Fest and having dinner in an authentic Ratskeller [Marienplatz 8, +49-089-219-9890] underground. Food was good (roast pork for her and Sauerbraten for me). Kevin told us we had to find the 500 yo Hofbrau Haus and we did. a lot of fun - huge steins of bier. Marcia forced to have one (she hates beer). Met a Scottish couple in their 60s told us Germans drank beer here before America existed.
Now we have our car and are free to roam. Tomorrow we head to Nuremberg and I have to "go to work."

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Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD

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Munich, Germany

Sent 6-9-99

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