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Date: 6/12/99

        The drive from Munich to Nuremberg was very nice as we drove the Bavarian countryside. The computer and global navigation system on this BMW is absolutely incredible. Without reading anything I punched a few buttons, typed in Nuremberg, then Atrium Hotel (which is in the CD database) and it directed us right to the hotel. Later in the evening with Mary & Tyler we keyed in Da Claudio restaurant in the downtown area and it guided us with 20 lefts and rights through tiny streets right to the front door of the eatery. I was totally amazed. We would have spent hours trying to find it.
I gave my course with Wolfgang and than gave my Opening Lecture for the German Symposium. All went well and am I happy it's over. Now I am really on vacation. Celebrated at the party they had in a Bavarian Castle with Tucher beer, the most famous. The food layout was incredible. We missed the last bus back to hotel with Tomas Neuhan of Munich and after an hour finally got a cab to take us back.
A beautiful Austrian ophthalmologist got us a reservation at a nice hotel (Alpotel) in Innsbruck (means bridge over the Inn River) for tomorrow night. Large special event party tonight.
We were able to reserve a room at the Belvedere Hotel on Lido Island in Venezia for the next week. Same place we stayed last time so we can park our car there (cars not allowed in Venice proper).
Now we can start to relax a little more since the meeting is over and we have the freedom of the car.  Aufwiedersehen,

PS Marcia came down with a cold (like last time) but is feeling better today. Hope I don't catch it.

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Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD

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Nuremberg, Germany

Sent 6-12-99

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