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Date: 6/14/99

        One thing that is uniform throughout Europe is that the 2nd floor of every building is called the First floor.
After accidently going into the wrong kirche I discovered I was in a Lutheran service - thought things looked a little different. Finally made it to the Mass at "Kirche Unsere Liebe Frau" (Church of Our Lady). The priest spoke so distinctly and slowly during his homily I think I was able to understand some of what he was saying. At the end of the mass, a man played something by Johann Strauss on this big beautiful organ for almost 10 minutes. It was quite unusual.
Took some photos of downtown Nuremberg and then back to the park near the hotel to photograph the memorial to the German war dead from WWI and WWII - a very wierd scene, How do you honor the innocent ones without including those that were with Hitler. This area of Bavaria was the hotbed of Fascism.
Turned on the navigation system aimed at the Alpotel hotel in Innsbruck and took off. Bought our first tank of gas @ $3.54/gal - Wow!
Through the beautiful Alps of Austria, we saw all these little hamlets pockmarking the sides of the hills. GPS again brought us right to the door. You know, in a way, that thing has taken the aadventure out of it, the hunting around and getting lost and then finding it using your wits.
Ran through the city and the Altstadt (old city) and it starts raining. I was lucky again because I was on a street where scaffolding was up and I back and forth under it until the rain stopped. Changed my last 100 German marks into 681 Austrian shillings - just stick it in machine and it spits out the shillings.
We went for a cocktail in a little out of the way place called the Pfiff Bar and had a Zipfer pils which is probably the best beer I have ever had (remembered it from '97). We also met the prettiest gal we've seen so far (even Marcia agreed). Then we went to Fuzzy's Cafe which was like a pub. Fuzzy II was an interesting guy and helped us find a couple of good restaurants. After finding them, they were closed on Sunday. Lucky for us because we were left to back to where we went in '97, the Goldenes Dachle Gasthaus. The absolute best Goulash soup I have ever eaten in my life. The rest of dinner was also very good as was the apfel strudel and cheese strudle and erdbeeren (strawberry) policinta. A tourist trap that actually serves fantastic food - amazing.
Now, after England, France, Germany and Austria, we finally head to Italy. I can't wait to get back and start saying "va bene". We have to cross the Alps over the Brenner Pass and on to Venezia.

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Innsbruck, Austria

Sent 6-14-99

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