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Date: 6/15/9

        The drive through the Alps by way of Brenner Pass was spectacular. It rained
off and on and lots of construction. Stopped off in Bolzano to see what it
looked like. Had lunch there and back on the road. Wonderful feeling to
cross the border into Italy again. Drove to the ferry and it whisked us back
to the Belvedere Hotel on Lido Island. Went for a run and then dinner of
pizza margherita, bronzino and spaghetti bolognese with a beautiful bottle of
locale Pinot Grigio. Then for a walk to the Hungaria Hotel for a lemoncello.
The view from the room is spectacular. Will rest here til Friday then off to
parts unknown for weekend until we head for Milano and our course.
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Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD

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Venezia, Italia

Sent 6-15-99

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