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Date: 6/17/99

        I was going to wait until we left here before writing again but I had to send this. Thanks to Gianni Paoletti (of Peppones's Restaurant) Marcia finally got her long awaited gondola ride. Last time we were here I passed on it knowing it was an "E" ticket for "sucker" tourists. She never let me forget it. We visited Gianni's school chums when he was growing up in Venezia, brothers Luigi and Gianni. I chatted with Gianni while waiting for Marcia to arrive at their restaurant (Bar Omnibus) which is right next to the Rialto bridge. By the way, the Motorola walkie-talkies worked perfectly here (from Lido to St. Mark's Square). When she got there we met his son Cristipho who visited CA last year (Gianni's, 17 mile drive, SF, Big Sur, Hgwy 1 AND Venice Beach). I asked him about gondola rides and he set us up with a free bottle of Proseca (Italian champagne) and a real good gondolier who took us all over the canals of Venezia and the perfect time of the evening. Marcia was right - it was absolutely fabulous. And it only cost 100,000 lire rather than the usual 150,000. After that we went to a wonderful dinner and back to St. Marcos Square where we danced to the music of several bands playing. The traghetti back to Lido was beautiful on a balmy night. This would be a great place to honeymoon.
Actually having fun,

PS: Dimitrii called today and he has scheduled us for the weekend on the Mediterranean at Forte di Marmi. On the canal on a condola near Rialto bridge (note the Proseca is to the left of my foot).

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Venezia, Italia

Sent 6-17-99

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