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Date: 6/20/99

        It was said to say good-bye to Venezia again as the ferry turned past the Gran Canele and San Marcos Square. On the road again from Venezia to a right at Padova, a left at Verona, a right at Modena and a left at Parma brought us to the Area Servizio where we are to meet up with Dimitrii & Tania (driving from Milano). We actually did it and then he led us over the mountains past La Spezia and Carrara to reach the Mediterranean Sea. He told us it would be a 2.5-3 hour drive but it was really 5 hours. We crossed the peninsula from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean.
He rented this "villa" in Marina di Pietrisanta just south of Forte dei Marmi along the coast. This is a very nice vacation area.
Beautiful dinner at Bistrot Ristorante with Dimitrii's Russian government friend, Ygevny, who had just flown in from Moscow.
The run here the next day was nice and did most of it on the beach as I had done the day before on Lido Island.
Then we actually got Marcia to go for a swim, she hasn't done that in years. It was fun. Also we are here with the Consul General of Russia in stationed in Milano. Shevaz is a very nice man. He is letting us use the Russian bus from the Consulate to bring the course doctors to and from the restaurant next Friday. He is also using his diplomatic pull to get two rare tickets for Marcia and I to see the "Barber of Seville" at the La Scala Opera house in Milano next week. A very nice guy. The only opera we have ever been to was Wagner in German at the Budapest opera house two years ago - what an ordeal. We're hoping this will be a little better, especially since it is Puccini and in Italian.
Found a little chiesa here called San Antonio and it was no easier understanding the homily (sermon) in Italian than it was last Sunday in German.
Paolo was going to bring his big boat here from near Genova but it has been a little rainy (piove) off and on so he didn't. We had tropo (too much) fun last night so everyone is taking a nap while I will go do my run. We leave here on Monday for Milano and getting prepared for the course and everyone's arrival. It will be fun to see Dr. Prestera when he arrives.

Marcia from balcony of villa with the Sea and the Carrara (marble) mountains in the background.  Had to send this picture of Marcia swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. A rare shot.

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Marina di Pietrisanta, Italia

Sent 6-20-99

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