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Date: 7/26/99

        We have had the most wonderful time in the heart of England.  Staying with Brian and Krysha has given us the REAL feel of what it is like to be English and live in England. He is a business man and she is a lady. We saw the way people live on a day to day basis and many of the historic sites in the region. My runs each day got rather boring as I tried to find different directions to run in in a town that has one road going through it. Yesterday it was hot and humid, today it was chilly (needing a jacket) and dry. Very strange weather here, but I guess they like it. I preferred today to yesterday. Yesterday we went to Newark-on-Trent, (not NJ) to market and had tea and scones and then went to visit Rita who invited us for afternoon tea. She lives on a huge mansion estate that she and her late husband bought in 1981 which has since been subdivided since his death and sale of the property. She lives in the nicest section of the development. She laid out a feast of pork pie (1st time I've ever eaten it - pretty good), ham sandwiches and "bacon and brie" (also very good) as well as oodles of other delicacies (including beer and wine).         By 7PM we were all stuffed and ready for bed but Marcia said she needed "some beef" so we wound up back at the Red Lion for dinner again.  Before we got there, though, we stopped at the Unicorn for a beer which sits right on the River Trent.
        Today I discovered that there is a Catholic Church in Nottingham and also in Lincoln (to the north).  Mass at the latter (according to Fr. O'Niel) would be at 7 PM. We decided to head straight east to the city of Boston first. This is where the Pilgrams congregated under the auspices of Mr. Brewster, and ultimately decided to leave England because of the persecution by the Church of England.  Eight of them (including Brewster) tried to escape to Holland but were captured and jailed for 3 months.  Later, the entire crowd of 35 made it to Leiden, Holland and then left there for America on the Mayflower and the rest is history (Plymouth Rock, Thanksgiving, et al).  Interesting to see the town they came from.  From there we drove north to Skegness, which is an English resort town on the North Sea (East coast of England). Reminded me of Lake George, NY as regards tackiness.  Big surprise - water was warmer than SM beach, though it looked like it should be freezing.
We then drove due east to Lincoln (in Lincolnshire) and saw the Cathedral (3rd largest church in England). It was beautiful, old and dirty. The town of Lincoln is extremely charming and we plan on going back on our trek north to Scotland. The castle next door houses one of the 4 remaining original copies of the Magna Carta and I must see it (missed the other one in London).
We then drove back home and Krysha served us a wonderful home-cooked meal which we enjoyed with the wine Dimitrii gave us from Piemonte, Italy. We have had a wonderful time here, and though they have tried to persuade us to stay (why, I don't know), we have decided that we must definitely head north to Scotland tomorrow.
I have no idea when this AOL email will work again but will be in touch if it is. If you don't hear from us you know AOL is SOL.
See photo attached: Cathedral in Lincoln

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Thurgarton, England

Sent 7-26-99

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