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Date: 7/31/99

        Our last day in York I finish my run and land smack dab in front of a rarity, a Catholic Church in England - St. Wilfrids, which happens to have a Mass at 12:15 and I'm standing there at 12:25. A chance to make up for missing Mass on Sunday in Lincoln. It was slightly embarrassing with my running shorts but no one threw me out. We toured more sites in York and then drove north from Yorkshire into Northumberland.

We headed to the coast and arrived in Scarborough. We looked for the :"Fair" but only found a seaside resort area ala Santa Monica in the 50's with beautiful ocean views and drove on to Whitby. Here is where Captain Cook worked as an apprentice before he set sail around the world. We saw where he worked and had the best (and biggest) piece of haddock we have ever eaten at Treachers, a nice resort restaurant. Then Marcia SAID, "It's your turn," and I had to drive all the way north through Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to Whitley Bay on the coast. In other words I carried the coals to Newcastle.
If you look at a map you will see it is only 70 miles from Newcastle on the east (in Northumbria) at the North Sea to Carlyle in the west in Cambria at the Irish Sea, - the thinnest point in England. It is here, in 129 AD that Roman Emperor Hadrian built a stone wall all the way from coast to coast to draw a northern limit line on the Roman Empire. We had to go see it.

From Whitley Bay (after a beautiful run along the North Sea beach) we went into the large city of Newcastle and visited the old "new" castle and St. Nicholas Cathedral (the smallest cathedral in England) and then headed due east to the east end of Hadrian's wall and worked our way west seeing many sections of the wall and remnants of Roman forts, all of which are almost 2000 years old.
We settled for the night at the George in Chollerford which sits right on the banks of the North Tyne River - an absolutely beautiful setting. We has a wonderful (expensive) dinner at the hotel and a delightful evening.  My run the next day over the Tyne to the Hadrian Pub was tough but we made it out of there to head to Scotland.  Standing on Hadrian's Wall that crossed England in 129 AD.

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Chollerford, England

Sent 7-31-99

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