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Date: 7/4/99

        In the morning I went to catch the end of Dr. Urs Thomann's lecture on refractive surgery (Worst Claw lens) at the Park Hotel down the street. Afterwards we had lunch we Marcia overlooking the Lake. He tells me the "one man show" I put on here in '97 was has grown into an annual meeting and getting larger each year. He wants me to come back in 2000.
I've never met anyone that told me they had been to Luxembourg, Ever. I remember Be-ne-lux, but just what is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. So we head there, since it's on the route to Calais.
We drive from Lucerne straight north to Basel, then cross into Germany north to Strasbourg, then head east across the Rhine River into France to Metz, then north to Luxembourg. Fourth tank of gas was $67.50 ($3.9/gal).
The city is very beautiful and after a run through their park and the Old Town, we find the center of town crowded with people eating in the outdoor restaurants lining the central square. Very nice.
On my run I found the castle of the Grand Duke and a perfect little restaurant sitting behind it. The dinner was very good and we saw the Saturday night life of this city.
In the morning attended Mass at Notre Dame which was in German, French and English; the choir for the high mass was the best I have ever heard. A cappucchino and croissants and we are on our way to Calais with no reservations or any idea how or when to catch the ferry to Dover. Should be an adventure.

Looking off from the fortified old city into the ravine that surrounds it. Was known as "Gibraltar of the North".  (Att: Marcia at Caves Gourmandes behind Dukes castle.)

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Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Sent 7-4-99

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