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Date: 9/17/99

        Just a final note to say I made it home safely from this 23,000 mile trip lasting 111 days (0.30 years). The experience of going from downtown Manhattan to eating a Philly cheesesteak sandwich in Philadelphia, to attending an Octoberfest with corn on the cob and bratwurst in Chicago next to the Sears Tower, while later seeing the extensive cornfields of Illinois, the vast deserts of the Southwest and running in Albuquerque, somehow creates a palette of America to contrast with all I have seen and experienced in Europe. You can�t get a real Philly cheesesteak on a flight from NY-LAX. Downside was a freight derailment near Winslow, Arizona during the night that caused us to arrive in LA 8 hours late, so I missed getting to the CMA Trustees Meeting at the LAX Hilton. Got to see my kids instead.

        I am glad to be back home and see all my family again. I am looking forward to seeing my staff and many friends, getting my practice back on target and helping organized medicine as much as I can.

        Thanks for listening to all these long stories; hope you have enjoyed some of it.  God Bless

PS The word count from UK #1 to UK #42 is 22,000, almost a word per mile.

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Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD

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Santa Monica, CA

Sent 9-17-99

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