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Date: 8/9/99

        Up early for us and for a change the sun is shinning but it is a nice chilly 50 degrees (F). It takes us 45 minutes to drive from Portree to the bridge across to the mainland (another $10 toll) since the other route using the ferries must be booked in advance. From Skye we drive due east until we reach Loch Ness. This long slit of water helps cut Scotland into to two pieces running from Inverness in the northeast to halfway across the landmass. We had to stop and see if we could find the monster. We did, it was the weather. It took the mystique out of it after reading that the man who first presented the photo of Nessie admitted on his deathbed that it was a hoax.
Then we headed southwest along the lines of the lochs to Fort William. The scenery and the mountains were quite dramatic but similar to the Western US. We split the drive to Glasgow and drove along the extent of the Loch Lomand resort area which looked like it would a nice area to vacation. We arrived about 5:30 PM, a little late to find any Mass left. But after we checked into the Marriott, I find out that the downtown Cathedral of St. Aloysius has a Mass at 9 PM � unbelievable. I change and run throughout the City of Glasgow and was it depressing. Their �activity street� is called Sauchiehall (�Suckyhall�) and half of it looked the old 3rd Street Mall in Santa Monica before they rejuvenated it. For �architectural and historical� reasons they have not cleaned any of the buildings and some of them look as if they were painted black giving an overall �dirty� impression of the place.
Last week I got an email requesting info on my IOL program and his address was Paisley, Scotland (a suburb of Glasgow). So I met with him. Jim Pulaski recommended we eat at the Ubiquitous Chip on Ashton Lane, so we did. The �Lane� is one block long. I ate venison haggis and it was good, tastes like corned beef hash but they use oats instead of potatoes. Without the GPS we would never have easily found our way to the Church and restaurant and back. It really has been a great help.
We are leaving here today to head directly south past Locherbie (747 crash site) past Dumphries and slightly west to the coastal town of Kirkcubright (�Kirk-COO-bree�) where John Eales� mother-in-law lives. We�ll see the town, say hello and then head back into England.

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Glasgow, Scotland

Sent 8-9-99

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