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Date: 8/23/99

        Around 10:30 AM, as we�re getting ready to go see the Castle and other sites, I notice a message on the hotel TV warning guests that the streets around the hotel will be blocked off from 11 AM to 7 PM. You never saw two people get packed and check out of a hotel in less time than we did. The World Rugby Championship between Wales and Canada was being held in the new unfinished Millennium Stadium. We got out of time just in time. We only saw a little of the castle, but this allowed us to get to Gloucester (�Glowster�) to the north, which is a lovely city. We then drove north to Cheltenham, where Clive grew up. Marcia had lunch on Montpelier St. while I ran the business section streets, a very busy area that went on for many blocks. This is a very nice little city to live in. From there we drove straight to Thurgaton which completes a full circle covering Northern England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
We arrived just in time to shower and get ready for the party. It was quite a nice celebration and we all had a good time. It was great to see Brian and Krysha. Woke up early enough Sunday to find a 10:45 Mass at St. Anthony�s in Calverton about 8 miles away. Afterwards, I stopped at a Boot Sale (boot = car trunk) where you can stroll through a large field filled with people selling various items. Sort of like a communal garage sale. It was very large. Found a board game that only cost me a quid.
        Drove to Southwell up the road to do my run and we spent the rest of the day just relaxing and doing nothing. Now we have to get on the run again to do our last stretch in England, which is to cover the Southern part in the next ten days, before we leave for Vienna. Beginning to miss home a little bit but not ready to return yet.

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Thurgarton, Nottinghamshire, England

Sent 8-23-99

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