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Date: 7/1/99

        With the PRL Course successfully completed and the Baptism over, it was Dimitrii's idea to take us to Lake Como for a rest before we head to UK. He tried to make reservations at the famous and luxurious Villa d'Este but they raised their rates to $1000/night (sounds like La Scala). His wife Tania found and even nicer spot in my opinion that was reasonable. We drove in three cars from Milano to Como and then along the lake a little ways to Moltrasio at the Grand Hotel Imperiale. It is right on the lake with a pool in the front and we all had lake front views from our room and a balcony. It is just fantastic. We are doing nothing at all but relaxing and eating very good Italian food. The runs on these hills however, are just killing my legs - building muscle, I hope. Dimitrii ran with me the first day and that was enough for him.
We met a Swiss banker named Pierreluigi, a very interesting man.
I met an English couple at poolside who put me on to a hotel chain in London and they found us a room "en suite" (means you get a toilet in your room - amazing) right in the heart of London in Bloomsbury for a very reasonable rate (for London). It's not far from the hotel we stayed at on first arrival and we can easily walk to many sites which saves on cabfare. Can't wait to get that fish n' chips again.
We will rest here one more day then start the trek across Switzerland and the Alps to UK. Hard to believe I left SM a month ago.
Well, as of today I step down as President of Bay District (no more Pulse editorials to write) and look forward to duties as President-elect of LACMA.
Marcia is still fighting this cold she caught in Paris and can't seem to shake it. I hope it goes away.

Ken & Marcia

Getting ready for dinner on Lake Como at Imperialino Ristorante at the Hotel. Dima on his phone as always, Tania seated, Marcia & Anastasia standing near fence.
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Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD

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Moltrasio (Como), Italia

Sent 7-1-99

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