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Date: 6/24/99

        Milano has two distinct images. It at times seems like a dingy dirty old city, complicated and of no interest. But it is a beautiful thriving ancient city bustling and alive with vibration and excitement. A city founded by the Gauls, taken over by the Roman Empire and after the fall of Rome it became the capitol of the Lombards. Now, with 2 million people it is the financial, business, trade and fashion capitol of Italy.
Since we missed La Scala, Shaviz had his Consulate driver, Allessandro (from Moscow) drive us 40 miles to Bergamo, a city in the foothills of the Alps (very ancient). A beautiful day and an ancient city. After we returned we met up with Dr. Prestera and all went out to Dimitrii's house in Arese and had dinner there. On the way back the GPS computer stopped talking and we were lost for about a half hour. We finally found our own way and two blocks from the hotel, the GPS kicked back in and told us we were almost there. Wonderfull!
Ran from the hotel to the Duomo this afternoon and by La Scala which is all covered with construction. Had that wonderful pizza at the Autogrill in San Babila Piazza. It was better than "due anni fa" (2 yrs ago).
Now we are all getting up tight because the course starts this evening and we are hoping we have covered all the bases. I hope we do a good job.

Looking out over Bergamo Basso from Bergamo Alta to the Po Valley toward Milano.

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Milano, Italia

Sent 6-24-99

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